S3: Rosemary’s Killer (The Prowler)

S3: Christmas Evil (You’d better watch out)

S3: Martin

S3: Communion

S3: Mad Foxes

S3: Wrong Way

S3: Blood Lust (Mosquito the Rapist)

S3: Phantasm

S3: Brutes and Savages

S3: Night Beast

S3: Scream for Vengeance

S3: Deep Red

S3: Zombie Holocaust

S3: Foxy Brown

CC: Pieces

S3: The Blue Eyes of the Broken Doll

S3: The Child

CC: The New York Ripper

CC: Conquest

CC: Rottweiler: Dogs of Hell

S3: The New Adventures of Snow White

S3: The Thing

S3: Midnight

S3: Rabid

S3: Home Sweet Home

S3: Don’t Answer the Phone

S3: Cannibals

S3: Abducted (Schoolgirls in Chains)

S3: Friday the 13th

S3: Hell Prison

S3: Dawn of the Mummy

S3: Mausoleum

S3: Venus in Furs

FP: Virgin Among the Living Dead

FP: Sadisterotica/Kiss Me Monster (The Red Lips Films Part 1)

S3: The Black Room