CC: Manos: The Hands of Fate

CC: Silent Night, Deadly Night

CC: Humongous

CC: The Andromeda Strain

CC: The New York Ripper

CC: Conquest

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S3: The Thing

S3: Midnight

S3: Rabid

S3: Home Sweet Home

S3: Don’t Answer the Phone

S3: Cannibals

S3: Friday the 13th

S3: Hell Prison

S3: Dawn of the Mummy

S3: Mausoleum

FP: Virgin Among the Living Dead

S3: The Black Room

S3: Suicide Cult

S3: The Night of the Living Dead

S3: Zombies Lake

The Nasties Review Finale (part 2)

The Nasties Review Finale (part 1)

TNR: I Spit on your Grave

TNR: Deep River Savages

TNR: The Living Dead (at Manchester Morgue)

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TNR: Island of Death

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