S3: Scanners

S3: Werewolf Woman

S3: Prom Night

S3: Inseminoid (Horror Planet)

S3: Naked Fist

Cannibal Holocaust: Extended Critique

S3: Friday the 13th Part 2

S3: Pigs

S3: The Love Butcher

CC: Death Machines

S3: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

S3: Christmas Evil (You’d better watch out)

S3: Communion

S3: Mad Foxes

S3: Wrong Way

S3: Scream for Vengeance

CC: Pieces

CC: Silent Night, Deadly Night

CC: Humongous

CC: The New York Ripper

S3: Midnight

S3: Home Sweet Home

S3: Abducted (Schoolgirls in Chains)

S3: Venus in Furs

TNR: I Spit on your Grave

TNR: Exposé

TNR: Nightmare in a Damaged Brain

TNR: Bloody Moon