Werewolf WomanThis episode Section 3 goes back to the classic monsters with a less than classic take on the beast. Daneilla is a troubled woman. Since being sexually assaulted she’s suffered psychologically, waking from terrifying dreams of turning into a werewolf and in her waking hours she deeply and violently conflicted about her sexual nature. When she attacks her sisters husband she’s taken into care but escapes. She soon finds a soul mate in a young stunt man and begins to enjoy a normal life but the violence that drove her insane returns thanks to a gang of local men who unleash the monster in Daniella once more.
Werewolf Woman isn’t exactly what it says on the tin so to speak, there is only one appearance of the titular monster and the rest is more about Daniella’s nature. Bearing some similarities in storytelling as Eloy DeLa Inglsias’s Cannibal Man, this often underwhelming film does have some substance beneath the exploitation exterior.