Prom Night low resWhen an accident kills one of their numbers a group of kids swear secrecy out of fear of being punished. Six years later and a man who was accused of killing the young girl escapes and is on the run just as the kids of six years ago are preparing for their prom night. One by one the group are picked off on what should be the night of their lives as the police frantically search for the killer in their midst. With a wealth of suspects surounding them can the kids survive the vengeful rampage of the mysterious killer? Prom Night brings back Jamie Lee-Curtis to the slasher genre, and in this S3 title we find a fun little murder mystery that seems to me to be a bit more down to earth than many of its peers. Though far from perfect it does have some very well handled elements and a strong cast along with some rather fun and nostalgic disco music. Lets take a look at Prom Night….