IE: Grotesque

The Thing: S3 Commentary Track

TNR Commentary Track: Evilspeak

Monkey 0108: Pigsy Woos a Widow

CC: Cut and Run

Monkey 0107: The Beginnings of Wisdom

CC: The Return of the Living Dead

FP: The Castle of Fu Manchu

Monkey 0106: Even Monsters Can Be People

CC: Caligula

FP: The Bloody Judge

FP: Two Female Spies with Flowered Panties (Red Lips Series Part 2)

CC: Savage Vengeance

Monkey Ep 0104: Monkey Swallows The Universe

CC: Porno Holocaust

FP: Love Camp

CC Commentary Track: Aliens

CC: Equinox

CC: Flesh Eater (Zombie Nosh)

FP: Dracula’s Daughter

CC Commentary Track: Alien

Monkey 0102: Monkey Turns Nursemaid

CC: Torso

TNR Commentary Track: Night of the Bloody Apes

FP: Sexy Sisters

TNR Commentary Track: Love Camp 7

Monkey 0101: Monkey Goes Wild About Heaven Review

Monkey Series Review Introduction

CC: Phantom of Death

FP: Demoniac

CC: Blood

TNR Commentary: Nightmare in a Damaged Brain

TNR Commentary Track: Devil Hunter

TNR Commentary Track: The Beast in Heat

TNR Commentary Track: Blood Rites (The Ghastly Ones)