TNR Commentary Track: Bloody Moon

TNR Commentary Track: SS Experiment Camp

S3: Enter the Devil

S3: Superstition

S3: The Last Hunter

S3: The Nesting

S3: Terror

S3: The Killing Hour

S3: The Demons

S3: Dead Kids

S3: Street Killers (Beast with a Gun)

S3: Final Exam

S3: The Hills Have Eyes

S3: Blood Song

S3: Happy Birthday to Me

S3: Demented

S3: The Chant of Jimmy Blacksmith

S3: Nightmare City

S3: Scanners

S3: Werewolf Woman

S3: Parasite

S3: Prom Night

S3: Inseminoid (Horror Planet)

S3: Naked Fist

Cannibal Holocaust: Extended Critique

S3: Friday the 13th Part 2

S3: The Love Butcher

S3: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

S3: Graduation Day

S3: Communion

S3: Mad Foxes

S3: Wrong Way

S3: Tomb of the living dead

S3: Phantasm

S3: Brutes and Savages

S3: Night Beast